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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:57    Post subject: Re: Mythic raiding!!

kalimarDK wrote:

..And guys, i know that alot of you "think" you know your class, but please go and look up at specs and tips for your class on that fight, it can never hurt. ..


 Quoted for truth!!



kalimarDK wrote:

Shenglong, The Old

 Woop Woop! There should be a ingame title to go with that :D

PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:19    Post subject: Mythic raiding!!

Mythic: Hellfire Assault


Hello guys.

It´s finally time to make our way into Mythic progression, and that means that we will have some new rules and ways of doing things. We will have to bench people as we can ONLY be 20 men/women in there. I know its never fun to be benched, but it will eventually happen to everyone, maybe except for the tanks. 

Monday is the day it will happen, and the way we will go at it is really simple, Everyone gets a shot or two at the boss. This means that everyone will get atleast 3-4 pulls on the boss probably even more. But this also means that we will have to teach the tacs maybe 3 or 4 times. Therefore i beg you guys to keep a cool head and a positive attitude all the way through the evening. This is a "Test night" so you dont have to worry about anything else than your role and the tacs, i will look at damage, execution and attitude of all players. I have chosen to start with the current Mainraiders, i think thats only fair. so the team will look like this, for trash and for the first pulls. But dont forget to stay online even if you´re on the bench, as we will get you in at one point, and mainraiders please remember if you go on bench its not a kick in the ass, monday its simply to make room Happy

Team For Starters:


Tanks: Physco, Mithr.

Melee: Kalimar, Stiflerjr, Powerpacks, Fishgill, Exofire, Coldone.

Ranged: Darkhunta, Eggcelent, Shadowadi, Afanassie, Grevane, Trodenskjold, Greenmana, Trapstar.

Healers: Dragonzo, Refutazy, Bidmas, Shenglong.

(Bench: Aerendryl, Nefastusbane, Holykick, Nitro, Frzntears, Valeriya, Syrix.)


And guys now that we have reached mythic its REALLY important that you watch tacs before we start, i recommend the fatboss guide on youtube for this boss, they explain everything really good and in a way everyone should be able to understand it. I expect everyone to have 125 food or felmouth frenzy, best enchants, and gems in all sockets (dosent have to be the epic gems). I will make some food and bring it with me but that´s only for emergencies so please get your own. And guys, i know that alot of you "think" you know your class, but please go and look up at specs and tips for your class on that fight, it can never hurt. Other than that, i wish everyone good luck and i´ll cya for the raids. 

If you have any questions i will be online most of sunday and monday, and please ask your questions before 19.00 on monday, so i dont have to deal with 50 questions just before the raid.


Dearest Regards

Kalimar, The Great

Darkhunta, The Eggcellent

Dragonzo, The German/Finnish/Italian Swede

Physcoslayer, The "Phsycoslayer"

Shenglong, The Old