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re: Legion!!!!



Hello guys! 

We are about to start the new expansion and with that comes new rules and a new attitude.

Everyone knows that we will have a much more progress minded approach to legion and therefor, i

feel that the attitude in the guild has to change in an instance! We need to have everyone show up for raids, 

even if its "just" and altraid as alts can be crucial to a fight. You need to start checking up on stuff like

rotation, tacs, combos, stats and so on, on your own! I shouldnt have to tell you what you need to do with your

own class, and i wont, so get your shit together and atleast try. Also with the new attitude comes the "issue" with benching,

i know that it is never fun to get benched, but that is moslty up to you, cause if you do good, and show commitment,

your chances of getting in the raid, will be much higher obviously. 


Now to the rules. in my time in RoG wich is about 2.5 years, we have never had a set of groundrules written down, cause

we have always thought that people were mature and respectful enough to not be an asshole or whatever, but lately

we have seen a lack of respect towards some people and that is as much our (officers) fault as it is yours. so

we have made a set of rules and we will enforce them strictly, and we hope everyone will understand and follow these rules.

The "punishment" for breaking these will depend on the severity and circumstances. From legion on we will also do the "invites" a little

bit different, you will have to sign up on the raidplanner AND on ingame calendar. The thing we hope to accomplish with this is, 

so we know who will join and who wont. If you accept on the planner, you show up! if you are late it will be noted and too many notes,

means bench.






1. come prepared (flasks, food addons etc.)


2. know the fight (watch videos/guides for your class aswell)


3. act respectful and mature.


4. Raidleader/officer decides, and if you have a problem save it for after the raid.


5. when we raid, we raid. Meaning, when we have our breaks, thats when we get something to drink, go to smoke, pee and so on!


6. During the fights only the officers and assigned people talk, chat before a pull will be kept at a minimum.

   ofcourse fun is allowed but ninjapulling on purpose, and other things like it will not be tolerated. 


7. Loot will distributed by the raidleader and the lootmaster.


8. Dont whisper the raidleader during raid, whisper your roleleader.



Officer roles. we felt that we had to make a much clearer picture of who is what in the officerteam,

so here it is written down, so no one is in any doubt.


Guildleader: Physcoslayer

Social officer: Shenglong

Social officer/master of coin: Testjebird

Raidleader: Kalimar

Raidofficer/lootmaster: Darkdotcom


Roleleaders. These are the people assigned to you role in the raid, so these are the guys

to whisper if you have problems or questions in the raid.


Melee leader: Physcoslayer

Ranged leader: Darkdotcom

Healing leader: Medikit


So what we are doing is that we are seperating the social aspect and the raid aspect of the guild,

to make it easier for everyone. This means that if you have a question regarding the raid or the raidgroup,

you write a raidofficer. if you have a question when we are raiding, you ask your roleleader. And finally,

if you have a question or a problem of the social kind, like a problem with another member, or you need to

have a friend invited, you ask a social officer, or the guildleader. 


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