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re: Openraid setup / pugging for new players and block options


Hi All,
I have gotten alot of queries about the new usage of Openraid setup. So a general post here to try hopefully answer some of the questions some may have.

First off since the summer period it has become clear that we in general are short for most raid / raid week's.
We have managed to raid using a combination of socials and "incorrect setups" (ie 8 or 9 melee on some farm fights is not ideal) and btw a thnx to all the socials who have helped out on more than one occasion :)
However in the long run and to get a fair chance to clear all of SoO 25HC before wod is launched, its clear we are generally short on some key roles/positions and we have had to pug quite alot.
Sadly most of our pugging has been needed on Sunday's and Monday's and ofcourse most quality players who pug, get saved to a heroic raid lock on Wednesday / Thursday and therefore simply pugging in trade chat is less than ideal. Also this type of pugging is more random.

Therefore it was decided to put our raids up on openraid to attrack pug players there and in addition to do so already for the Wednesday raid, despite it perhaps meaning on Wednesday's we may have to swap our own players in and out for loot, while leaving pug players in the group. You could look at it like even if we got 25 ppl signed up for Wednesday, but only 23 for Sunday, we need to find the two pug players for Sunday and get them tested and locked already on Wednesday.
Therefore I am setting aside a few openraid spots on Wednesday as needed.

Now ofcourse it is hoped we will find and get "regular" puggers who are suited to our team over the next couple of weeks and that they in turn may opt to xfer and join the guild/team.

Signup for regular team members is still done on the Raid planner, however I would appreciate it if you guys would also go and signup on openraid to the raids there as I list them. The main reason for this is the quality of puggers you get on openraid is somewhat affected by who else are signed up, meaning if a good quality pugger sees a raid team with alot of well geared players already signed up, they in turn are more likely to also signup - Think of it as your way to help advertise the team :)

All guilds Openraid events can be fóund here
- You will need to make an account on Openraid and inform Crashtest to get invites to the events

Block option for certain loot items:
The increased amount of pugging that has been needed, along with us now pugging players already on Wednesday for fights we technically do not need to bring pugs on, have lead to some players feeling hard done by, in terms of key items they have waited for along time to drop, which following normal pug loot rules they could loose to a roll. Some of these key items players have been waiting on and coin rolling for as much as 28 weeks and for that reason I am adding the option for players to ask me to Block item from being rolled on by pugs, usinng the following as a guideline:
1. Request must be made to Crashtest in person and in private whisper.
2. Crashtest will evaluate the reasonableness of the request perhaps also talking to group leaders
3. The player must be and have been using coin each week for a significant amount of time ex 10+ kills
4. The player must be main or casual rank
5. All requests are for the item to be blocked only as far as goes pugs, it is not a reserve option for a specific player - the loot council/rl still has final say on who gets the item from the team when it drops
6. All requests once approved will be listed on openraid event and any eventual pugs will be informed prior to raid start
7. Only ask for really significant items ie dont come asking for hc wf ring

If you got any questions feel free to ask Crashtest outside raid :)

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