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re: Possible optional raid night if enough interest is shown


Free of choice extra raid night

Some of us are talking about doing an extra raid night now and then. And this post is to notify people and see who is interested. The raid is not meant to be an alt raid thou exceptions can be made if there is overall benefit bringing a specific alt. The idea is that people come with their mains, perhaps for bonusrolling on trinket/weapons or other missing slots together with trials and casuals. Perhaps someone who missed out on farm raid. This raid is intended to be even more relaxed than the guilds main raid, if that is even possible. We will be doing HC modes only, and we do the bosses we can without too much of a struggle, meaning we are not going to stay wiping on 1 boss for too long. Even thou the amount of players in raid is flexible as you know, meaning someone can leave and rest continue, we do not want players that intend joining for specific bosses only, and leave afterwards. This is a ”have fun and and help eachother out event” not a ”I only need drop from that boss event”. We will decide on if and when things get going after we see how big of an interest there is in joining. Whisper Kalimar, Panditan or Pocahuntas in game about this, if it feels like something for you.  

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