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re: Changes in the raidgroup are incoming


Hey guys,


A big restructuring is going on in raiding section of the guild affecting all levels, from officers to main raiders to casuals. We are as a result moving towards a cut of players, decisions on which is on its way.
The cut is not based on raid performance, but rather it is aimed at cutting loose people we feel have shown lack of commitment during hard times. We are getting back to basics trying to form a raidgroup bound together by something deeper than greed for more epics. A group of ppl that want to struggle together on a journey and bring what they can to the table.

In 6.2 we are bringing back the progression team mindset. So a certain standard will be set, for every member on the progression team to live up to in order to get a raidspot:


 1. As of patch 6.2 everyone on the team have to get the crafting upgrading going. This has become standard gameplay for raiders in WoD. 3 items with Hellfire citadel heroic quality gear is a BIG deal, especially when 3 such items is equipped across the board in the team. 1 of thoose items should be a weapon, fully upgraded weapon is ilev 705 (armor slots are 715)! And they are even better than ilev suggests because you get to pick your favourite stats on them, not like with Hellfire citadel drops. Start collecting crafting mats in your garrisons, if you havent already. In order to get your hands on the new ”savage blood” called ”felblight” you need a gathering profession. Make sure you have this on your main or alt. Talk to fellow guildies. Perhaps they have some crafting mats they can use for you. Dont make the 4/4 upgrade now. The upgrade will be cheaper in 6.2, so save the mats for then. We strongly encourage people to help eachother out here. with profession cooldown mats and such. Lets get some teamspirit built up right now!


2.       The 6.2 patch allows you to get gear with ilev 695 for apexis crystals. So start do the apexis dailys together with the extra mission connected to it, bought for 200 garrison resources at the garrison guy next to the resource crater. Try reach the cap of 60.000 apexis crystals before 6.2 goes live (will net you 3 items upgraded to ilev 695). And then make sure you loot an item with the right stats before you decide to upgrade it to ilev 695 for 20k apexis crystals. People that have few or none BRF mythic loot equipped need continue doing apexis dailys in 6.2 (you will get even more per day then). This is the new catch up mechanic for 6.2, and the catch up mechanic to join our team.

Following steps 1 and 2 should put many players at around 700 itemlevel during the first week. Having most if not all gear except tier pieces at ilev range 695-715.


3.       Lastly there will be some sort of connection between completing mythic dungeons and getting Hellfire citadel heroic loot cashes. Make sure you are on top of that from the start. And the last boss in mythic dungeon now drop an ilev 700 item.


4. (Optional)

Hit the conquest cap for each week to allow you buying some very good itemized gear to use in PvE. Maybe 1 weeks conquest cap can get you some awesome belt, high ilev great stats, who knows? Go check out the pvp conquest vendor when 6.2 hits.



How strict we will abide by the rules concerning preparations to be accepted into progression team in 6.2 will depend on how long until patch release. But be assured that people who we see clearly not put any real effort into this, they will not have a raidspot.
From the remaining group now, some more players might fall off, because they lack the commitment for main character improvement, to build and maximize their character in accordance with how the game is designed. They expect log in 3 times a week and have all loot to be given to them in raids and not put in any individual effort into their main character outside of that.
This mentality multiplied on members of a whole raidteam translates into progression mega slack. And we will not stand for it.

 The (current) Officer Team

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