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re: Hc raiding


Hey guys, today we are starting HC raid in Hellfire Citadel. The way we are gonna do this is that i will set the strongest team possible with the amount of healers that we have. The things i take in consideration is your dps, your performance and your attitude in the past 3 weeks. also your class can play a role in the decision as some classes are better than other to do specific things, and because of that we will most likely also change the setup a bit for each boss, depending on what needs to be done on that boss. If you are not on the team for the first boss tonight, please dont get mad, cause as you all know we are trying to make a comeback as a serious raiding guild, and sometimes sitting out on a boss is the best way to help your guild get further. And dont worry, you will still get a chance to get in the maingroup if you arent already. we will do Farmruns (Normal) on sundays, atleast for another 2-3 weeks, we might even do normal on mondays also depending on how many people we get. BUT the plan is that we go HC both wednesday and monday.

And as we are getting more serious i will also look at your attendance and be VERY strict from now on. Use the raidplanner, and if you for some reason are not on it, please tell me. If you cant show up for a raid day for a good reason please put it in the raidplanner atleast 24 hours before the raid so we can replace you, and if you for some reason have to do something that you didnt know 24 hours before raid, please whisper one of the officers and we will decide if its a good enough reason for staying away. if you got a good reason and you tell us 24 hours before, you wont get any "punishment" in that sense, but if you dont have a good reason we will be looking at replacing you for good, not that one time nothing will probably happen, but if we see a pattern of some sort, you are replaced in a jiffy.


The team for the first boss today will be: 

Tanks: Physco, Mithr.

Melee: Kalimar, Stifler, Coldone, Lyriviel, Exofire.

Ranged: Pocahuntas, Shadowadi, Grevane, Troden, Makufug, Darkhunta.

Healers: Eggcelent, Dragonzo, Genotdoosje, Sheng.


Dearest regards

Kalimar and the officer team.

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